Q-MACS Basic

Q-MACS Basic
data sheet

The Q-MACS Basic is the fundamental component of Q-MAC Systems’ entire line up. It is a robust and versatile QC Laser driver system, pulsed and continuous wave, for various infrared absorption spectroscopic applications. It can be utilized for fundamental and industrial research purposes. The Q-MACS Basic is a QC Laser head containing all necessary electronics, a power supply and a cable connection. It comes with special control software (Q-MACSoft 2.0) to drive the QCL.


Q-MACS Basic CW Datenblatt

To fulfill the requirements of a lowest noise current generation for driving continuous wave lasers with low current consumption, we specifically developed the Q-MACS Basic CW driver unit. Beside the laser current generation this driver module incorporates a high accurate temperature controller as well. A common laser package for the use with the Q-MACS Basic CW is the HHL (High Heat Load) package. In combination with the heat sink Q-MACS Cube the Q-MACS Basic CW allows the safe operation even for lasers on open mounts, like the C mount.
The Q-MACS Basic CW driver is used as idependent module in laboratory practice, but also as an OEM component in customer own system solutions.


Q-MACS Basic LH8
data sheet

Q-MACS Basic LH3 II data sheet

Q-MACS Basic LHCW data sheet

The Q-MACS Basic LH series is an advanced QC Laser driver system for absorption spectroscopic applications. It has nearly the same functionality as the Q-MACS Basic but comes equipped with a very small laser head. The system can be utilized for research and industrial purposes. The laser driver system consists of the compact QC laser head, a power supply and a cable connection. It comes with special control software (Q-MACSoft 2.0) to drive the QCL and monitor your processes.

Q-MACS Basic MC/SC data sheet

The Q-MACS Basic MC is a newly developed Multi-Channel system for parallel measurement of up to 8 gas species at different wave numbers. The Q-MACS Basic MC is able to drive up to 8 QCL in pulsed or cw mode.


Q-MACS Research
data sheet

The Q-MACS Research is an extended Q-MACS Basic and comes additionally with collimating and alignment optics:

  • base plate
  • XYZ stage
  • alignment laser
  • removable beam splitter
  • off axis parabolic mirror (OAP)
  • 2 gold coated mirrors on adjustable mirror mounts