neoplas control GmbH

neoplas control GmbH is a competence center for gas and plasma diagnostics and environmental analysis. It was founded in 2006 as a spin-off company of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e. V. (INP). As the first company worldwide, we provide QCL complete systems in particular for plasma diagnostics. By working in close collaboration with the INP, neoplas control holds access to a network that features promising and future-oriented technologies from world-wide leading experts. Our mission is to provide pioneering work for your operations in gases and plasmas.

What sets us apart is our unique competence network of experienced experts and our advanced technical equipment. For our customers we provide sophisticated solutions and services, ranging from problem definitions, over prototype developments to specific individual applications. Based on our long experience and internationally proved expertise, we are the very forefront of infrared spectroscopy and plasma diagnostics and able to meet specific process requirements and individual requests.

Our customers are our benchmark. In times of growing global competition, it is not only our ambition to be faster and more proficient but also to offer more sophisticated and innovative products. This does spur us on working even harder on new developments but it also leads us to achieve ongoing advancements in terms of technical improvements in our current product portfolio. As a result, we take a pioneering role by implementing innovative methods for developing high-tech products.